Dress Code Policy

Uniform Policy/Dress Code for Facilities Services Employees Covered by the Memorandum of Agreement


The purpose of this policy is to establish basic guidelines for dress, appearance, safety, and security of all Facilities Services (FS) uniformed employees. Uniforms create a professional appearance and are used for identification purposes.

Applies To

All Facilities Services employees covered by the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) on the Lawrence campus.

Policy Statement

While on duty, all Facilities Services employees covered by the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA), with the exception of custodial staff, are required to wear their approved blue tops and KU-issued name badge for identification purposes. Custodial staff are required to wear their KU-issued work aprons or approved blue tops as well as their KU-issued name badge. Name badges are to be prominently displayed so the photo is clearly visible to others. In addition, employees' pants or shorts should be a solid color. Shorts should be no shorter than just above the knee. Pants or shorts must be worn around the waist - sagging is not allowed. All clothing must be free of holes. If the employee chooses to wear headwear, it must be KU-branded or free from words, pictures or logos.

Facilities Services employees covered by the MOA, with the exception of custodial staff, will receive a yearly credit from KU Operations to purchase work shirts or jackets. Employees are allowed to exceed the KU Operations credit on their order but will have to pay KU Operations the overage amount before their order will be placed. Prices are clearly displayed on the online order form.

Facilities Services Custodial Staff will receive 2 KU-issued work aprons (free of charge) and will not be given the yearly credit to purchase work shirts. However, if custodians already have KU-issued work shirts from a previous order, or wish to purchase work shirts from KU Operations, they may wear those in place of the KU-issued work aprons.

Exclusions or Special Circumstances

Under some circumstances, employees may be required to wear pants at the discretion of their supervisor determined by the job responsibilities. Certain circumstances or incidents causing damage to an employee’s shirt or apron may result in a new shirt for the employee at no additional charge or loss of credit allowance. These incidents are subject to review and approval by the director of the department. Exclusions for religious observances are pre-approved and do not require director or supervisory approval. Exceptions are available for outdoor work and or for conditions requiring additional or special clothing. Please check with your supervisor for these exceptions.


Supervisors are responsible for the enforcement of the policy and violations of the policy are subject to progressive disciplinary action up to and including termination of